Our Values

Excellence, reproducibility and diamond open access

Dynamic Reviews aims at building improved diamond open access solutions for scholarly publishing. It is built with these four cardinal values in mind :

Open access

As knowledge shall not be the privilege of a happy few

Free of Article Processing Charge

As we believe that knowledge is valuable and one should not pay for sharing it

 Excellent and reproducible

As this is the first virtue of scholarly publishing


to society as a whole for it to benefit to the largest number


Watch this space

The project Dynamic Reviews started in July 2018. We are currently working hard to develop an amazing solution. Our products are expected to be launched in 2019… So, watch this space and register to our newsletter !

About us

Sylvain Massip and Charles Letaillieur are the two co-founders of Dynamic Reviews.

Sylvain Massip, CEO of Dynamic Reviews, free and open scientific publishingSylvain owns a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge and has ten years’ experience at the boundaries between science and industry. As a R&D director in a start’up, he had the occasion to work with several academic labs in many different fields. Passionate about research, he believes that scholarly communication can be improved, for the benefit of researchers and beyond.

Charles Letaillieur, CTO of Dynamic Reviews, free and open scientific publishing

Charles is an internet professional with 10+ years’ experience in crafting disruptive products offering people simple and user friendly internet experience. Having worked on e-democracy and e-administration, he believes that social web can make scholarly publishing cheaper and more efficient.


We want to build a solution for and with research communities. Hence, we would be delighted to get insights from you! So, if you would like to get involved, or for any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us!

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